After years of planning and renovating Café&Co soon opens at a second location. The concept of a living work environment that encourages meetings is still intact, but the new location is taking the concept even further.

"We're very exited to start running more and bigger events. That is something we always wanted to do and with this new venue we finally have the possibility to do that, with a proper stage, sound and lights. Expect to see more lectures, meetups and inspiration events, but also after works, mingles and parties. Everything to encourage the entrepreneur community", says Fredrik Sandell, one of the founders.

The new location is at Kungsbron 23, an office that has been renovated and remodelled into a bistro and coworking space. Its close proximity to the central station is also something that opens up new possibilities.

"We want to be the creative meeting place, not only from Stockholm but for all of Sweden! Everyone that has business in Stockholm passes by the central station, and is just a couple of minutes from one of the most exciting work spaces in the city", says Daniel Hedenström, one of the founders.


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